On this page, you will find SAS airplane models from the "glory years" of  commercial aviation:- 1945 to about 1970.

All the models are in scale 1:50 and all are official SAS issue. The collection has grown up during the last 7 years,

and it all started by accident. I stumbled across the Fermo DC-7 C in an antique shop and was immediately hooked.
My special interest is the close partner-like relationship between Douglas Aircraft Company and SAS from the same period.
About half of the models come from USA, the rest from Europe/Scandinavia. Via websites like this, I have come in contact with a fantastic bunch of helping enthusiasts like Peter, Nils, "Mikke", Dan, Larry, Fred and many more.
I am always interested to learn more, and if you have corrective or additional info on models illustrated or the makers, please contact me via mail.

If you should have similar SAS models for sale or trade - please contact me. 

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Sincere thanks to Gunnar for photos and details of models from his fine collection. Peter Jackson