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  24/06/22 1817 Robert Seattle USA   Looking for an original Pacmin or Allyn model of a USAF KC-135. E-Mail
  22/06/22 1816 Milos Serbia   Available to order 1:60th scale MALEV B737-800 resin models (regular HA-LOK and oneworld livery HA-LOU). Delivery period 10-12 weeks. PayPal payment. Photos attached. E-Mail
  16/06/22 1815 Felix -   Looking for Northrop HL-10 Lifting Body (official model) see picture. E-Mail
  22/04/22 1814 Todd MA, USA   Looking for an original stand, correct propellers, and restoration information for a Raise Up Aer Lingus (Aerlinte Eirann) Super Constellation. E-Mail
  17/04/22 1813 Luis Spain   I am looking for a Boeing 747-400, United Airlines (former grey and blue livery) or Northwest Airlines (former red, grey and white livery), in 1/50 or 1/72 scale. In the best possible condition. E-Mail
  21/03/22 1812 Wolfgang Germany   Looking for Vickers Viscount models in the colors of Lufthansa and Condor Flugdienst. E-Mail
  05/03/22 1811 Johan Sweden   Looking for a original stand for my Westway Models De haviland Comet 4 model. Should look like the picture. E-Mail
  21/01/22 1810 Rick USA   Looking for horizontal stabilizer for Raise Up B-727 1/144 scale model. E-Mail
  06/01/22 1809 Frank N. Carolina
  Looking to buy or trade for an Eastern Airlines Verkuyl Lockheed JetStar model. E-Mail
  05/01/22 1808 Don Alberta, Canada   Wish to purchase replacement metal propellers for 1/50 DFM DC-6B. E-Mail
  10/12/21 1807 Tony A VA, USA   I have Grumman factory (FF-1-SCOUT),  (F2F-1 FIGHTER) and Republic AP-55 STANDS ONLY  that donít match my models. I am looking for stands for a G-21 Grumman Goose, G-73 Mallard, Early Guardian and Republic AP-63. E-Mail
  24/10/21 1806 Edwin -   Looking for all information concerning Cold War aluminium military ID/recognition models. They were made among others by Verkuyl, and were painted in black.I'm researching the use of these id models and trying to get an idea of ​​the different types used. Even a photo can help me further. If you would like to exchange or sell, please let me know. See Photos. If you want to know more, you can also take a look at the following facebook group:  E-Mail
  20/10/21 1805 Gunnar Norway   Looking for a Verkuyl metal stand (see picture), original or replica, suitable for a 1/50 scale model.  E-Mail
  07/10/21 1804 Dave USA  
Looking for Air New Zealand PacMin models if anyone has them for sale, preferably in 1/100 scale or larger.
Particularly looking for:

1/100 or 1/50 747-400 
1/100 767
1/100 A321 
1/72 ATR-72
1/100 DC-10
  22/09/21 1803 Alan -   Prized 1/200 scale  die cast BA fleet for sale. All pristine condition stored in temp/moisture controlled display cabinet. Reluctant sale but needs must. Please contact me for full list of aircraft. Prefer to sell collection whole but will split if required. SEE PICTURESE-Mail
  11/09/21 1802 Milos Serbia   Looking for AIRPLAST/Fratelli Cesana/Pumersa tripod metal chrome stands for narrow-body 1/100 scale models. E-Mail
  04/08/21 1801 Gary Singapore   Looking for Singapore Airlines 747 (200, 300 or 400) cutaway model 1/00 or larger (1/72, 1/50, 1/36. E-Mail
  07/06/21 1800 Roy USA  
I am looking for a few 3D printed airplane parts (custom printed). Looking for 1/50 Split Winglet 738NG. 1/50 737NG AEWC parts and lots more. If you can 3D print parts please contact me. E-Mail
  05/06/21 1799 Gordon TX, USA   Looking for a 1/100 scale Boeing 747-100/200 model to be refinished in Pan Am. Prefer either Wesco or PacMin but will consider other manufacturers. E-Mail
  28/04/21 1798 EL AL Collector USA, Europe, Israel   Wanted: EL AL models. Especially looking for:-
from EL AL Offices or Travel Agencies.  E-Mail
  25/03/21 1797 Scott Melbourne Australia   Iím looking for a set of 1/72 decals for my Skyland QANTAS 747-200 restoration. E-Mail
  18/03/21 1796 Randy Palm Springs, CA USA   1:200 scale Hogan Qatar A330 models, produced in 2006/07. Looking for A332 & A333 in corporate livery & all 3 Asian Games. E-Mail
  08/03/21 1795 - -   Looking for a model of a Martin/General Dynamics RB-57F. My family used to work with this program. E-Mail
  14/01/21 1793 Rick Florida USA   Wanted DFM Douglas Factory Models Avianca Colombia Lockheed Connie decals in 1/72 or 1/50 scale. E-Mail
  30/12/20 1791 Dave Texas USA  
I am looking for any of the following models if someone has them to sell. 

1/100 PacMin Qantas 747-400ER
1/100 PacMin Qantas 767-300
1/50 PacMin Qantas 737-800W
1/100 PacMin Qantas 747-SP

Thank you very much, please contact me if these or other PacMin Qantas models are available. E-Mail
  30/12/20 1790 Donald Alberta
  Wish to purchase CP Air Boeing 737 model - either Pacmin 1/60 or Westway l/50. E-Mail
  21/12/20 1789 Gordon Texas USA   Seeking one of the Space Models 1/72 Twin Otters. Will be stripped and Air Illinois Decals applied. E-Mail
  14/12/20 1788 Ray CA, USA   Wanted#1, a model of a Delta DC-8-51 or similar configuration, condition or size not critical because it's being used in a school display.

#2, I'm a STEM instructor who specializes in the early aviation and space programs, so I'm always looking for models of anything from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle, Hubble, X-15, Lunar programs and other early contractor models of test flight vehicles. E-Mail
  20/11/20 1787 Peter UK   Wanted - 1/200 JC Wings JAL MD-11 J-Bird die cast model. E-Mail
  07/11/20 1786 - UK   Iím looking for one exhaust nozzle for a ( DFM ) Douglas factory model 1/50 scale DC8. E-Mail
  03/10/20 1784 - The Netherlands   I am looking for a DC-10 / MD-11 from KLM or Lufthansa. E-Mail
  27/09/20 1783 Richard Canada   Looking for a Westway L-1011 1/50 scale. Really looking for a set of wings to copy but would also buy a complete model.
  24/09/20 1782


Switzerland   Looking to purchase any original Avia Export models made in the USSR, especially Aeroflot Il-62, Il-76, Il-86, Yak-42 in 1/100 scale and Il-96 1/50 and/or 1/100 scale. E-Mail
  29/07/20 1781 Alan UK   Blackburn Beverley model wanted. E-Mail
  07/07/20 1780 - USA   Historic Aircraft Models 1/200 TU-144 $400 OBO. With original box. SEE PICTURES  E-Mail
  07/07/20 1779 Karl UK   Looking for a 1:400 scale die cast metal British Airways 777 300ER. E-Mail
  04/02/20 1777 Gordon Texas, USA   Does anyone know if any model maker ever made a 1/100 scale HS-748 model? E-Mail
  18/02/20 1776 Juan Boston USA   Looking to purchase a vintage, large-scale Super VC10 model, ideally in 1:24, 1:48 or 1:72 scale, in the final BOAC livery (gold speedbird). E-Mail

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